Independent Functional & Integrative Clinic Nelson NZ


As clients and clinicians, we’re exploring options after finding ourselves dissatisfied with expensive state funded medicine inadequately meeting our health needs.
Health Function reflects the collective experience of the owner-operators, who have taken action to turn health decline into increased cognitive, physical and emotional capacity.


Dr Cindy de Villiers

I am an experienced General Practitioner (Family Medicine Physician) having graduated from Stellenbosch University, South Africa in 1990. 

I have been involved in acute care and family medicine for the past thirty years. While assisting a client some twenty years ago with Heavy Metal Toxicity, I became aware of the relevance and impact of Functional Medicine.  More recently I have developed an interest in personal performance and its application to clients for achieving a healthy lifespan.  I have since turned my full attention to combining the Personalized & Functional Medicine modalities to amplify what can be achieved with motivated clients.


Rose Middleton

I love working with people and supporting them in rediscovering how their bodies can come back to movement and wellness that is meaningful in their daily lives.

I’ve worked in health for nearly 40 years in New Zealand and overseas including experience in surgery and general practice through to injury management and rehabilitation. Personally, my challenges have been IBS and hormonal issues and the CAM approach has been the only thing that’s provided me long term and sustainable change.

Over all these years of working with and observing myself and others and our bodies, I know that we all have the ability to change our health direction and to live well. 

I am stronger and more resilient and aging doesn’t mean decline.

  • MN
  • IRYT
  • REP – Registered Exercise Professional, Exercise NZ