Intravenous Vitamin C Protocol for Acute Infection

To exclude serious conditions that may need referral for hospital investigation, there must be an initial assessment by a GP.
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Flu, shingles, chest infection etc

High-dose IVC treatment is only suitable for non-pregnant adults aged 16+ with an acute infection.  The clinic does not provide cancer treatment.

IVC protocol

Day Action IVC
0 Register with HF for IVC, for a lab form faxed to the Collingwood Street Medlab  
0 See GP to be assessed  
0 Visit Lab for blood tests prior to initial consultation for an initial baseline.  One of the necessary lab tests is self funded.  
1 30 minute consult 30 grams
2 15 minute consult 30 grams
3 15 minute consult 30 grams
4 15 minute consult 30 grams



  • High-dose IVC treatment is only available in Nelson at the clinic.
  • IVC can be started at anytime during infection.
  • All patients need to sign a consent form prior to receiving IVC therapy.
  • Please make sure you are well hydrated before you attend.
  • Allow 1 hour for an IVC infusion at the clinic.
  • The fee caters for infusions taking up to 1 hour and an additional $50/hour hourly rate will apply thereafter.
  • An IVC infusion is prepared in advance, so no-shows are chargable.
  • For more information, refer blog.