Specialty Laboratory Testing

The clinic uses specialty laboratories where the resulting information might speed up diagnosis and treatment through early identification of an underlying cause e.g. Doctors Data, Nutripath, Fitgenes, FxMed, The Great Plains Laboratory, CompoundLabs, EMLab.

Laboratory tests are expensive in New Zealand and due diligence is prudent e.g. does a clinician have legitimate qualifications and the experience to recommend a test relevant to an individual, then fully interpret the results and access all the treatment options?

Where Cindy has to pickup from a previous practitioner, there will be duplication of effort and different tests needed to ensure the regulatory duty of care is provided.

Laboratory test kits are resource intensive in order to make the best use of the complex information provided i.e. financially unprofitable for the clinic and not used lightly.

Nonetheless the right test at the right time is one useful means to progress treatment goals.


Results & Treatment

Once results are interpreted, there are various treatment options:

  • pharmaceutical prescriptions may be cheap and effective, particularly when subsidized
  • other times the advantages of nutritional & herbal treatments outweigh cost considerations
  • often a balanced mix of both delivers the best results

Practitioners in New Zealand who are formally qualified with an acknowledged authority in the use of nutritional and herbal therapies are listed on sites like ACNEM.

A clinician/practitioner cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals or refer to specialists in New Zealand unless they are listed here: MCNZ.

Most prescribing doctors work with acute and emergency medicine and don’t use specialty laboratory testing or current reference ranges.

As an independent prescribing doctor specializing in the treatment of chronic conditions, Cindy is in a position to use specialty lab testing with current reference ranges and all treatments.

Please note:

  • Clients cancelling a followup to review a result put both themselves and the registered doctor at risk, hence terminating the patient-doctor clinical relationship
  • Test results may take between a day and up to 6 weeks to arrive depending upon the test
  • Results queue to Cindy in the EHR when they arrive and are released to the patient portal after they have been interpreted to be meaningful e.g. a result in the red range may or may not be of concern depending upon medication.


Lab Testing Directions

Lab collection centers for testing are available throughout New Zealand e.g. https://www.sclabs.co.nz/

Please note:

  • There are instructions in the kit and notes from Cindy on the wellness plan (in the lab test section)
  • Where applicable, please fill out the form in the kit with your name etc before going to the lab
  • There may be a drawing fee payable at the lab
  • Please take all your lab test forms at the same time, so there is only 1 drawing fee
  • Where there is no fasting, nonetheless in general please stop all supplements for 12-24 hours before the sample is taken
  • Be warm and hydrated with water before you go, but don’t exercise or pump your hands to raise veins as that may alter the sample
  • For some tests, samples get spun; allow 20-60 minutes
  • Test kit fees include courier delivery within New Zealand and Stripe transaction fees


Example common test kits $s
Kryptopyrroles (Mauve Factor) 215.67
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis Level 2 and PCR DNA 439.68
Fitgenes Carb Choice 247.21
8 ohdg (Oxidative Damage Marker) 205.48
DUTCH Complete Hormone Testing 464.89
Fitgenes Health and Wellbeing 482.9
Iodine Random Urine Spot 162.88
Inflammation Test (Cytokine Panel) 476.11
MARcoNS Bacterial Culture 318.26
MARcoNS Bacterial and Fungal Culture 558.94
Complete Microbiome Mapping (GI-Map) 699.92
Faecal DNA PCR 169
ERMI Environmental Dust Exposure 878.96
Oxalate Spot Urine 128.41
Osteoporosis Markers 225.24
Cardiovascular Profile Comprehensive Blood 631.9
HLA DQ/DR Genetic Studies 372.39
Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO 249.88
Folate Metabolism 688.29
Organic Acids – Organix Comprehensive Profile 445.03
Vitamin D 119.61
Essential Fatty Acid Test (Red Cell) 266.5
DUTCH Sex Hormone Metabolites 324.44
Red Blood Cell Elements 372.03
Mineral Hair Analysis 164.94
Organic Acid Test 427.34
Methylation Plasma Kit 383.09
Glyphosate Test 206.92
Provoked Heavy Metal Infusion and Testing POA
Reverse T3 169.06
Omega 3 Test 210.63
Bioceuticals DNA Health and Well-being bundle 330.73