Personalized Medicine Doctor Application


Completing the application form below provides the information to work out whether the clinic can assist.  We cross-subsidize our host health focused medical services from our other commercial business activities and need to match the finite clinical resource to where it will be most effective.

The clinic is for adults aged 20+ seeking diagnosis & treatment for underlying causes, with an emphasis on vascular health.

A $999 protocol fee applies to see Cindy as a new client:

2 hours of consultation with Dr Cindy de Villiers $600
SphygmoCor vascular test $311.03
Setup $87.97
Omic for the Oura Ring $0
Total inc GST $999

Optional and not included in the $999 protocol fee: Specialty Laboratory Testing, certified supplements, prescriptions and the Oura Ring.

The clinic is not suitable for applicants:

  • trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant or breastfeeding, or currently undergoing treatment for cancer (different medical modalities apply)
  • without interest or resource for host-health specialty lab testing, certified supplements, nutrition and lifestyle optimization (the clinic specializes in these areas)
  • not ready to commence treatment, wanting a one-off appointment, wanting guaranteed outcomes, or facing budget pressure (host-health focused medical services are complex to deliver with high overheads and no external subsidies)
  • where treatment might be terminated by the client before underlying causes are identified (the clinic doesn’t want to start where it can’t conclude to the satisfaction of both parties)

Application Form