To live longer and better, we start with water quality

Given we value human performance, glyphosate, oestrogen and chlorine in our water is concerning.

However the addition of fluorite to the town water supply has tipped the balance for us to transition to rainwater. (Dr Axe)

We wish to lock in acceptable water quality, cost & availability for:

  • drinking water (mitigating involuntary mass medication and endocrine disruption)
  • showers & washing (chlorine makes allergies worse)
  • cooking (e.g. chlorinated water and making mozzarella don’t mix)
  • edible garden (good water contributes to good produce)

Combining our medical and engineering qualifications with the experience of running a rural water scheme, and our local professional networks, we are setting up water independence.

Nelson Rainwater System

There are many moving parts to creating a water scheme. We’ve worked through a number of strategies including reverse osmosis for tap water, but concluded for Nelson Marlborough circumstances that whole of house provided more outcomes for less complexity and maintenance. We’ve found consistent water quality requires multi-disciplinary design, and an effective maintenance plan.

We are inviting interest in a different way for us to provide health outcomes, which lends itself to our strengths, and is consistent with our principles.

We are offering design and implementation services for residential rainwater systems focused on lifestyle properties in Nelson, Tasman & Marlborough New Zealand.

The minimum retainer for services is USD10k payable in Bitcoin plus all expenses, in return for which customers get the benefit of outcomes reflecting qualifications, experience, innovation & customer service.