Prescriptions: Plan Ahead for the Holidays

For Christmas, please get your prescription requests in by Monday the 16th December, otherwise the compounding pharmacies won’t be able to fulfill your request before Christmas. For prescription repeat planning, the clinic is closed from 17th December 2019 until 13th January 2020.

Clinic Updates

As a signature tune the clinic learns and innovates, so it will likely come as little surprise that there are some updates for 2020.

(1) There’s been some feedback of concern that booking an hour might be a problem for the clinic if we only end up with revenue for half an hour.  While there’s no perfect system, paramount for optimal consultations is to be un-rushed and for the next client to be seen punctually.  So please do book an hour if you think that is best (or you haven’t been seen in a while), knowing you’ll only pay for 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending upon whatever gets used.  We can always use any time made available, so no time is wasted. 

(2) Fridays are now reserved for 1.5-2 hour initial consultations, with flexibility where needed. 

(3) Cindy’s hourly rate (for those that haven’t caught up) is now $300/hour.  Fee changes aren’t something we take lightly.  However in this case the news isn’t all bad as it’s balanced by the introduction of free stuff with  If you are wondering, SleepPerformance has been changed to YourPersonalizedHealth to reflect the broader health application of this service. 

Try it out

Our original vision in 2014 was to provide the benefits of independent personalized medicine to as many people as possible.  A tricky undertaking given that health is complex, resources are limited and everyone has different budgets and wishes.  With the clinic’s investment in, we’re automating the nutritional and lifestyle aspects of Cindy’s practice.  Users of the free app service are provided the information to source individually effective supplements and/or focus on lifestyle interventions, meaning finances are no longer a barrier to anyone looking for evidence-based personalized and functional health information.

The initiative also frees up Cindy’s time to combine the latest research along with the feedback from continuous monitoring (e.g. the Oura Ring), enabling  new health opportunities for users and practitioners.

After 5 years of investment, locums in Australia and re-investing all revenue, we feel we’re making solid progress towards a sustainable independent medical service that fulfills our original vision.   

Wrapping up, it’s been a very big year for the clinic and we’re looking forward to being around home with family for Xmas.

We wish you and your family all the best for a relaxing Xmas break.

See you all refreshed in the new year.