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Clinic treatments leverage medical qualifications & experience, specialty lab testing, NZ/AU compounding pharmacies & medtech, including the SphygmoCor

Regardless of age, being metabolically unwell reduces immunity to viruses, infections & disease.

Being metabolically well isn’t an exclusive club. Anyone can belong. It is never too late.

Dr Cindy de Villiers

Cause & Effect


cell danger response

Many are finding increasing difficulty maintaining cognitive function, energy, sleep, mood, digestion & normal weight. This is generally put down to “just getting older” or worse “depression.” It seems like our bodies aren’t coping with the environmental pressures of modern life.

Researchers are trying to make sense of chronic disease and the triggers and drivers that leave us inflamed and sick, but not dead. The focus is increasingly on the role of mitochondria, often referred to as the energy factories of the cells. If these mitochondria perceive threat or are damaged, the rest of the cell suffers. One such theory is the Cell Danger Response, which dovetails into another theory of “Finite Responses to Infinite Insults”.

In effect, our bodies have 3 main responses to what’s called “an infinite number of insults”. The insults include infection, environmental and food toxins, emotional disruption, mold and radiation. As another example, there are upwards of 400 known risk factors and mediators for cardiovascular disease including pollution & loneliness, with 25 major risk factors.  Once an insult is detected by the mitochondria, the body brings out its arsenal of Oxidation, Inflammation and Immune activation.

In the past we would have either got rid of an invading organism or healed from an injury promptly. In the modern world, the mitochondria seem to “get stuck” in an endless loop of a perceived threat (often due to not having fully eradicated the original threat), cycling around the three responses, mitochondrial damage and creating more inflammation and oxidation, leading to further threat. Genetic SNPs and metabolic memory are recruited leading to tissue damage and malfunction.

When we modulate the three responses and decrease the insults, the body is able to heal. Each individual will have their own set of circumstances that need to be addressed.

So, while the three responses remain the same, the treatment is very individual.

I provide medical research, individualized & prioritized to the client for the most out of life.

Dr Cindy de Villiers