Independent Clinic

The clinic comprises a doctor and a nurse. There is no state funding for administrators, so we do things differently.

Our personalized-medicine Patient Portal and integrated EHR creates the clinical framework for managing medical risk.

Hence the clinic is suitable for clients able to use a Patient Portal (or with family to help).

Because inaccurate notes create mistakes, the clinic genuinely spends considerable time & money ensuring accuracy (& privacy) of information.

Clients can help create the accuracy that avoids mistakes by entering information in the portal for the correct login and using forgot password rather than messaging the portal software company with medical requests or personal details.


The clinic phone number is provided to current clients upon registration and along with portal appointment correspondence.

To help the independent medical service remain viable, the phone is intended only for something the portal doesn’t do.


As a registered independent doctor, email is only available to whitelisted suppliers like laboratories and pharmacies.


The clinic only accepts payment by credit/debit card through the portal to automate payment, tax invoices and statements.

Card details are saved and payments transacted through the HIPAA/PCIDSS compliant medical portal and

There have been no client credit card data breaches in all the years the clinic has used Stripe.


33 Atmore Terrace, Maitai, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand


03 928 0185

Consultation Days

Mon 8.30am-5pm, Wed 10.30am-7pm