Contacting an Independent Medical Clinic


We receive no state funding, so we do things differently. The clinic comprises a doctor and a nurse with no administrators.

The clinic is suitable for clients able to use a Patient Portal (or with family to help). The Patient Portal is all important to facilitate appointments, repeat prescriptions, messaging, document uploads and payment. The Patient Portal creates the clinical framework for fast, secure, coordinated responses while managing medical risk.

Please enter information in the portal for the correct login. The medical council holds registered doctors accountable for accuracy of notes.

Please do not message the portal software company with medical requests or personal details.

To minimize clinic fees, the clinic phone is available for exceptions only to current clients (clients seen within the last 2 years with an active portal login).

Clients need to be seen at least every two years. Clients not seen within 2 years are de-registered.  For registered clients, if not seen for > 1 year, a minimum 60 min appointment is required.

The clinic has run out of available 90 minute first appointments with Cindy and the books are presently closed to new clients.


Payment Method

The clinic only accepts payment by credit/debit card.  Card details are saved and payments transacted through the HIPAA/PCIDSS compliant medical portal and There have been no client credit card data breaches in all the years the clinic has used Stripe.  Invoices and statements are automatically available in the portal to download.



33 Atmore Terrace, Maitai, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand



03 928 0185


Client Consultation Days

Mon 8.30am-5pm, Wed 10.30am-7pm


Supplier Emails

To mitigate the computer-safety and patient record-keeping risks associated with email, the clinic only receives emails from registered suppliers on the safe-list. Email domains from existing suppliers are on the safe-list.