Independent Clinic

The clinic comprises a doctor and a nurse. There is no state funding to help meet the volume of inquiries, so we do things differently.

Our EHR provides the clinical framework for managing medical risk, and its Portal is available to current clients.

Clients not seen within the last 2 years are discharged.

The books are presently closed to new clients. Please refer for a list of other clinicians, or Patricia at Lifetime Learning for neuro-cognitive therapy.

While Cindy continues with current clients (seen within the last 2 years), Omic is working on automating Cindy’s practice for a wider audience, and Cindy’s health writing is available on Medium.



The clinic phone number is provided to current clients along with portal appointment correspondence.

The phone is intended only for something for which the portal is unsuitable.



Email is only available to whitelisted suppliers (e.g. laboratories and pharmacies).



Payment is only accepted by credit/debit card through the portal to help with:

  • part payments and sponsors and refunds
  • automated tax invoices & statements
  • enabling clients to choose when and how much to pay
  • unidentified payments causing reconciliation problems and all the other complexities.

Card details are saved and payments transacted through the HIPAA/PCIDSS compliant medical portal and

There have been no client credit card data breaches in all the years the clinic has used Stripe.



33 Atmore Terrace, Maitai, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand



03 928 0185