Clients of the clinic range from those looking to further enhance performance, through to those looking to address a condition undermining performance.

Before the medical guidelines of the last 20 years, medical participation in overall health was more familiar.  However in the present public health context, it can be a little difficult to work out how medical information relates equally to business/sports people looking to optimize and clients looking to reverse chronic conditions.

The diagram that headlines this post (credit Whoop) helps to establish a correlation e.g. Cindy and her networks work across all 3 factor columns, with health being the sum of all parts.

Cindy tests and treats to establish biochemical balance, but fixing the biological factors isn’t enough if underlying lifestyle & exercise factors remain problematic.  HRV provides a measure of overall health to objectively know whether an individual is on track towards their health goals.  A neat system correlating cause and effect towards a better life, available to those who like to create their own outcomes.

Aside from acknowledging the multi-factorial aspect of health & resulting performance, why does biochemical balance and investigation of underlying causes matter?

While Cindy can’t post testimonials as a registered doctor, a case example from overseas is a nice explainer for the missing investigation piece of the individual medical puzzle and why that matters.

PS. Whoop is a wearable targeting cyclists and also using HRV as a measure of overall health & fitness.  Whoop have some helpful high quality documentation around HRV.