Fasting has insulin reset, immune system and cognitive benefits, so Cindy and Neil experimented with a 5 day fast this week to see what it’s like. Rose with a different phenotype and 10 hours of Yoga & Strength Training per week elected to watch with interest! The week went fine and in Neil’s case resulted in burning 1kg per day from fat pouches, noticeably improved focus and an interesting reduction in psoriasis inflammation. Some weight will return with eating, but nothing else we’ve done has targeted the suprailiac area to the same degree (indicative of insulin resistance). Daily saunas were useful for flushing the toxins released by fat loss. Avocado and sauerkraut used to break fast without causing an insulin spike. Overall huge success, but building up over 2 years from 5:2 intermittent fasting to 40 hour to 5 days probably helped. FYI fasting beyond 7 days requires medical supervision, but anything else fine providing well hydrated and not a diabetic, pregnant or other chronic illness. If interested but uncertain, talk to a medical professional before trying this at home folks!