I have just finished listening to a podcast with Dave Asprey and Dr Andrew Heyman of A4M and Integrative Medicine, George Washington University.

While there is ongoing controversy as to whether one is able to contract Lyme disease in Australia and New Zealand, there is no doubt the leaky and water-damaged buildings are common-place in New Zealand and could be affecting your health. For some people, exposure to the mould products (hyphae and toxins), can stimulate a cascade of immunological and inflammatory processes. This can lead to symptoms similar to those of chronic fatigue syndrome and more worryingly, symptoms of brain degeneration such as low mood and poor cognition. As Dr Heyman calls it – a brain on fire.

We may not have the testing available in New Zealand that Dr Heyman speaks of, but there are a number of functional tests that can help sort out what might be driving ill-health.

In the meantime, I recommend that you listen to the podcast – all the way to the end. It’s not just me saying it – no french fries! Feed your brain good fats – see blog on Know your fa(c)ts.