We thought we should post to our clinical and client network kindly providing referrals, so you are aware of some changes for new registrations. With Cindy focusing on clinical while Rose manages nursing and Neil sorts everything else, Cindy is covering more in consult. This is great for outcomes, but it’s becoming impractical to complete what’s required in the 1 hour initial consult – everyone is starting to feel rushed. After due reflection, we’ve altered the Registration to 1.5 hours for the first consult and 1 hour for the follow-up, for a fee of $1,272.50 (including ph360 and CBS). The longer initial consults will better reflect Cindy’s role as a safe pair of hands for complex cases requiring in-depth investigation and intervention. The fees for currently registered clients have not changed for anyone seen by Cindy within the last 2 years.

This is also a good opportunity to mention the new Brain Testing Facility from Cambridge Brain Sciences which Cindy is employing to be more targeted with treatment. It’s a big deal for the clinic. Try a demo.

Any questions, please get in touch.